Premium Nissan GT-R (2016)


In its almost nine-year career Nissan GT-R supercar has gone through a lot of small upgrades, and the 2017 year model has undergone the most significant transformation since the appearance on the market. In March 2016 the updated supercar has made its public debut at the New York International Auto Show.

The Japanese have improved their “child” in five areas at once: exterior design, interior design, driving comfort, driving performance and advanced multimedia technologies.


The updated Nissan GT-R of the 2017 model year retained its external aggressiveness and brutality, but gained expression due to the grille in «V-motion» style, modified head optics, better sculpted bumpers and beautiful 20-inch wheels of forged aluminum with 15-spoke design.

As for dimensions, the restyled Nissan GT-R has added only 40 mm in length, stretched to 4710 mm, while the remaining specifications remain the same: width – 1895 mm, height – 1370 mm, wheelbase – 2780 mm. Under the hood of the supercar you can find 105 mm of clearance.


The interior of Nissan GT-R 2017 has changed much more visibly – got a new architecture of the front panel to minimize the number of switches and improved the quality of finishing materials. The novelty looks almost “premium” – impressive multi-steering wheel with gearshift paddles decorated in a sports instrument panel and a center console with fashionable 8-inch screen of the stylish NissanConnect complex with “remote control” of the climate system.

Interior furniture of the updated Nissan supercar is still organized as “2 + 2” with excellent front seats, “children” rear seats and the luggage compartment not exceeding 315 liters.


The Japanese coupe became prettier not only in terms of design, but also received a significant power boost. Under the hood of restyled Nissan GT-R hides V6 petrol engine with direct fuel injection, turbochargers and lubrication system with “wet” crankcase.

With the working volume of 3.8 liter power capacity of the supercar is estimated at 573 horsepower at 6,800 revolutions / minute. The peak thrust of 633 Nm is generated in a wide range – from 3300 to 5800 rev / min. There are no changes on the remaining items – 6-band “robot” with a pair of four-wheel drive clutches and ATTESA-ETS AWD. The supercar got stiffer body structure and recustomized suspension for the smooth driving.

Sales of the upgraded version of Nissan GT-R will start in the summer of 2016, however placing of orders will begin in May. Prices of the car have not yet been disclosed. As for the basic equipment, there will be no dramatic changes – a set of airbags, multimedia system with 8-inch screen, premium “music”, dual-zone “climate”, leather upholstery, ABS, ESP, 20-inch wheels,  at startup technology of onboard diagnostics and an extensive range of optional equipment.