Mazda CX-3

Just as promised the Japanese brought to the Motor Show in Los Angeles a subcompact crossover Mazda CX-3 that has become the fifth car model in the lineup with “sky active” technologies and a style of «KODO – the spirit of the movement”.


The front of Mazda CX-3 is executed in the style of a larger crossover model CX-5. One should notice a typical radiator lattice, catchy headlights and a distinctive bumper. The back of the car is more like the last-generation Mazda 3 thanks to the characteristic headlamps and tailgate.


One of the distinctive components of this model is a blackened rear rack. In order to maintain the purity of the lines the designers decided to move a number plate a little bit higher on a bumper. The crossover is painted in a so called “ceramic metallic” which varies allegedly depending on the lighting.

Mazda CX-3 is 4275 mm long with a wheelbase of 2570 mm, a width of 1765 mm and a height not exceeding 1550 mm. The ground clearance of Mazda CX-3 is 160 mm. The European engine range includes a two-liter gasoline SKYACTIV-G engine with two versions of power and a 1.5-liter diesel version. Two types of 6-speed transmission available: mechanical and robotic, each of them combined with all-wheel drive transmission.


The manufacturer promises that Mazda CX-3 will receive a set of electronic assistants, which will include a variety of sensors and cameras, as well as the anti-collision system. One should notice a typical three-spoke steering wheel, a combination of devices in the general corporate style and a presence of a multimedia system MZD.


The interior is almost entirely borrowed from the hatchback model Mazda-2, though the doors design is a little different. The rear seats are not only higher than the front ones, but also a little closer to the center. Thus, according to the constructors, the second row passengers should have a better view. In addition to that it will be easier to communicate with those who are placed ahead. The location of all chairs and shape of all doorways are reconciled to facilitate entrance/exit.

The car acquired a latest version of Mazda Connect multimedia system with an Internet connection and Bluetooth interface. As optional extras Mazda CX-3 could be equipped with a complex i-Activsense security system, leather trim, projective display, dual-zone climate control, adaptive cruise control, keyless entry, panoramic hatch, and other chips. The luggage compartment is 365 liters.


Mazda CX-3 is a perfect car for those who have an inner feeling of freedom and appreciate the beauty and charm of adventures.  All these features are expressed in car design. Sales of this model will begin in mid-2015.