Dodge charger rt

Dodge Charger is a symbol of the company Dodge. Charger is no less legendary than the Dodge Challenger which name means “War Horse”. The first generation of Dodge Charger was released in 1965; if you remember back Charger played a prominent role in the end of the movie Fast and the Furious.

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Look at the exterior. The body of Dodge Charger RT is sedan and if you look at the size of the car, it becomes obvious that this model is comparable to the nominee Dodge Mercedes S-class W221 and BMW 7-Series F01 in size. Dodge Charger RT can be recognized by the modified stamping side body. Look at the photo of the previous models – the rear wing is not so pronounced as before.

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What about the interior of Dodge Charger RT seats are wide and soft like in all American cars. Steering wheel can be adjusted in both positions (both angle and departure). Look at the pictures to estimate the cabin of the car. Seats are designed in combined lining leather and Alcantara – this is top class. The minimum equipment includes electric drives of glasses and mirrors while exterior mirrors are already equipped with heating. This model also has adjustable front seats that are no longer in six as in the base but in eight directions. Moreover, the front seats are equipped with memory.

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