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The CITROEN COUPE was manufactured between the year 2006 and 2008. During this period, the vehicle underwent several remodeling and redesigns. The car has subtle redesigns on its front nose that represents the company’s corporate image.

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Also called the C4 Coupe, this car has a racy look that appeals to clients who are attracted to speed. The vehicle has 5 seats, length of 4273 mm, width of 1769 mm and a front track that is 1497 mm in measurement.

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It has the capability of accelerating to 100 km/h within 9.2 seconds and a maximum power output of 5800 rpm. There is plenty of headroom in the front seats as opposed to the back seats. It is also fitted with a 60 Liter fuel tank and a 1.6 Liter engine that produces 150 units of horsepower. Other engine options are also available for the C4 coupe.

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Front breaks disc are ventilated, and the steering wheel is Cremaillere. This red/silver car has an ecological standard of Euro IV due to its fuel economy consumption rate of 6.9 liters for every 100 km traveled.

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Citroen coupe is perfect for a quiet measured life: commuting, business, buying food, driving out of town for the weekend, etc. You will feel the acoustic comfort and cannot help but pay attention to the excellent noise isolation.

Structural elements of the tire absorb bumps in the road, making the ride smoother and more comfortable. Citroen coupeis a choice of the person who does not strive for high speeds and fancy bells and whistles . He appreciates the simplicity and practicality that is perfectly embodied in the model.

There are photos of the interior and exterior of the car Citroen coupe category CITROEN posted on the site. All photos of the car Citroen coupe can be downloaded for free on the PC.

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