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Chevrolet C10 is made in typical American style that it could be used to go on business, and ride around the city, and travel with family on weekends. However, long-distance travel is not so easy in such a car because you will get numb legs and back by lack of space. That is the main disadvantage of this car – it isn’t spacious. Looking at the pictures you may even think that the cabin is small, but generally speaking, it is not bad.Chevrolet c10 photo - 1

Chevrolet c10 photo - 2

The interior of Chevrolet C10 is decorated in bright colors, like many American car assembly. The car is very ergonomic; the location of functional levers and buttons is very convenient, the cabin is decorated very clearly, without gaps or low-quality materials.

Chevrolet c10 photo - 3
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Chevrolet pickups were radically altered to look more modern and vaguely in 1973.  The main changes in the exterior concerned the roof, side glass (they became curved), and there was specially designed rounded protrusion which gave the impression of a wider machine. Today, Chevrolet C10 is a retro car. True connoisseurs of the American vehicles high appreciate this model and are proud to own it in their private collections.  Old photos prove the fact that this pickup was very popular in the past and deserved its laurels not in vain.

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There are photos of the interior and exterior of the car Chevrolet c10 category CHEVROLET posted on the site. All photos of the car Chevrolet c10 can be downloaded for free on the PC.

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