[META] Submission Rule Updates

The sidebar rules have had a few updates made to improve the quality of submissions. Please take a moment to read through them and feel free to discuss the changes in the comments.

Here is a brief rundown of the new rules:

* Most importantly, the mods will now remove pictures that are of low-quality or pictures that are of low-quality cars. Reasons for removal will include things like: low resolution/blurry photos, very bad lighting, crashed cars, bad photoshops, pics taken out your windshield where you dashboard/hood are in it, photos where the car isn’t the main focus, etc. We will flair any posts with the reason it was removed.

* Titles will of course still need context, but now we will remove posts with self-promotion/links in the title or extremely long titles. Add relevant links or long background stories in the comments.

* No text overlays on images, but unobtrusive watermarks from the original photographer are allowed.

* If you have multiple pics/angles of the same car or a lot of pics from a car show, please submit one and link to the rest in comments.

* Photos must be properly cropped and rotated.

* CGI/renders/artwork are still allowed but please add the flair noting this after you submit one.

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