BMW X3 2.0i (2006)

Interior and exterior of the car BMW X3 2.0i (2006). On this page, there you can read reviews of models written by beginners or experienced drivers of this car.

Company BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG) is a German manufacturer, which has been famous for a long time for producing quality cars and motorcycles. It has already produced 32 models including BMW X3 2.0i (2006). There are images of the cars provided on this site.

Interior and exterior BMW X3 2.0i (2006)

BMW X3 2.0i (2006) photo - 1
BMW X3 2.0i (2006) photo - 2

BMW X3 2.0i (2006) photo - 5
BMW X3 2.0i (2006) photo - 6
BMW X3 2.0i (2006) photo - 7
BMW X3 2.0i (2006) photo - 8
BMW X3 2.0i (2006) photo - 9

Video review BMW X3 2.0i (2006)

Practicality, active steering, lightweight chassis, elegance in every detail, stunning dynamics, high level comfort , carefully planned proportions and meticulous German quality – here is a short portrait of the car, behind the wheel of which there you can feel the beating of impressive power under the hood.

Synthesis of sportiness and comfort is not just to please you but it will become an integral part of your life. You will quickly get used to the idea that it is this that should be your car. No compromises. The car BMW X3 2.0i (2006) is harmonious in every sense and will serve you faithfully for many years.