BMW 1 series sedan (2017)

In the second decade of November 2016 at the international car show in Guangzhou the German company BMW organized a premiere of a new compact sedan 1-Series with an Intra-index «F52», which was inspired by the Compact Sedan concept presented in 2015.

The car built on a front-wheel “trolley» UKL, was designed specifically for the Chinese market, and will be sold exclusively in China (although it is not excluded that it might in other markets in the future).

The exterior of the novelty is drawn in a typical Bavarian brand style – typical design of the bumper with “nostrils” of radiator grille, “family” relief sidewalls, energetic silhouette and firm strokes of the rear lights. According to the European standards BMW 1-Series sedan clearly fits into the “Golf” class: 4456 mm long, 1803 mm wide and 1446 mm high. The wheelbase of the four-door does not exceed 2670 mm.

The interior of a compact sedan – is a typical BMW interior, and its accessory to the glorious “Bavarian race” is identified without errors: concise but informative “toolbox”, three-spoke steering wheel with distinct tides and “family” center console with an 8.8-inch display of multimedia system and a “microclimate” model unit.

BMW 1-Series is able to comfortably accommodate four adult passengers – since the average passenger on the rear seat will greatly interfere with the high tunnel in the middle. But the trunk characteristics of the novelty are still unknown.

BMW 1 series sedan can be equipped with three petrol engines with turbocharging and direct “nutrition”:

  • BMW 118i version is equipped with in-line 1.5-liter engine unit, developing 136 “horses” at 4500-6000 revolutions / minute and 220 Nm of torque at 1250-4000 revolutions / minute, which is combined with a 6-step “automatic”.
  • 120i and 125i Modifications are equipped with 2.0-liter engine with four “pots” accompanied by an 8-band automatic transmission. The “junior” unit generates 192 “horses” at 5000 / min and 280 Nm of possible traction at 1250 revolutions / minute, and the “older” one – 231 “mares” in the 5000-6000 rev / minute and 350 Nm at 1250- 4500 rev / min.

By default, the vehicle is equipped with rack and pinion steering with electric power, wheels ventilated in front and rear disc brake conventional complex (in “top” versions – with ventilation on the rear axle), ABS, EBD and other electronics.

Serial production of the four-door sedan kicked in mid-December 2016 on a joint factory venture of BMW and Brilliance. The novelty will go on sale in the Chinese market in spring 2017.