Bentley Eight

Bentley Eight stands out from the rest of the series due to its high power – 500 horses under the hood – it\’s not a joke. It is a sort of a monster you tame and subdue every day.

You fly around the city and feel like a winner. Light, smooth, comfortable ride even on rocky and bumpy road for Bentley Eight is not a problem. Car glides like knife cuts butter, it drives like clock-work. It amazes.
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Video review Bentley Eight

Bentley is one of the most prestigious car brands. It is a symbol of Great Britain of the 20th century.

Success, prosperity, luxury, chic and style of these cars do not leave indifferent even the most discerning car owners and collectors of fine expensive transport. Bentley is a silent indicator of high status and availability of the owner, who knows the price of luxury and is able to underline its position as a leader, a minion of fortune and a successful businessman.

If you are ready to buy a luxury car, then Bentley Eight is worth your attention. It\’s like an
expensive long-aged Armenian cognac or Cuban elite cigars from premium tobacco. Luxury, elegance, strong and yet modern beauty of the design, the elegant exterior and crazy power of the engine – this is Bentley. In a word, there it is a supercar which you deserve.