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SAMBO is a forceful, no limits, generally ground-based battling style that utilizes a blend of Judo, Greco-Roman wrestling, BJJ, Jiujitsu, society wrestling of Central Asian, European and other previous Soviet Republics, joined with cutting edge paramilitary concealment methods.


Starting is really simple.
All you need to do is to attend one of our sessions in our schedule for you to participate.

In this class one of our fully qualified KMG Instructors will take you through the basic fundamentals of what Krav Maga is all about. Essentially a private session held separately to the main class.

Your first lesson is free of charge, this gives you an opportunity to determine whether Krav Maga is right for you.

If you decide to join you can then choose which payment plan suits you best for your class fees.

The name “SAMBO” gets from the Russian abbreviation Samozashchita Bez Oruzhiya, which in a real sense means “self-protection without weapons”. It was created in the mid 1920s by the Soviet Union’s NKVD and Red Army, at first only for preparing Soviet exceptional powers close by to-hand battle. Planned as a consolidation of the best procedures in known hand to hand fighting, SAMBO was centered around the common sense and pertinence of wrestling in obvious battle circumstances with an accentuation on hostility and fast striking paramilitary strategies. One of the significant differentiators of Krav Maga to different types of MMA is that Krav Maga trains self-protection and battling abilities for sensible situations where there are no standards and no strikes for focuses.

SAMBO, not at all like other wrestling sports, supplements this authenticity with its less guidelines and limitations and a more prominent assortment of permitted moves including standing battle, leg locks, and ground hooking strategies. In contrast with BJJ, Judo, Jiujitsu and different sorts of execution wrestling, SAMBO is more qualified to ‘no-rules’ ground battling circumstances requiring down to earth arrangements.

SAMBO stayed obscure in the West until the mid-1960s when Soviet contenders started winning global Judo rivalries. The undefeated UFC contender Khabib Nurmagomedov is a SAMBO expert. In SAMBO, he found the ideal mix of standing and floor-based hooking to take his battle game to a higher level. Having prepared in wrestling, SAMBO , and Judo since the beginning under his late dad Abdulmanap, Khabib’s remarkable chain wrestling made him top notch when he showed up in the Octagon.

While BJJ, Judo, and Jiujitsu are presently the most far and wide hooking combative techniques in Australia, worldwide SAMBO has been acquiring ubiquity since the 1960s/70s because of its variety and reasonableness. Furthermore, in spite of the fact that SAMBO has filled in worldwide fame and is headed to turning into a perceived Olympic game, it is still essentially obscure in Australia. Yet, this is evolving. The Australian SAMBO
Alliance was laid out in 2019 and there is developing interest in the game among Australian MMA experts. Right now, the greatest obstructions to learning SAMBO is finding real SAMBO preparing.

SGS Krav Maga is pleased to offer SAMBO classes in metropolitan Sydney with a prepared SAMBO contender and educator.

SAMBO is a forceful, no limits, generally ground-based battling style that utilizes a mix of Judo, Greco-Roman wrestling, BJJ, Jiujitsu, society wrestling of Central Asian, European and other previous Soviet Republics, joined with current paramilitary concealment methods.

Sambo is perhaps of the best military workmanship one can learn for self-preservation. One of the intriguing battling frameworks will show you how to battle any place the battle happens. Dissimilar to another expressions, Sambo isn’t one layered and it covers all components of battling like MMA does. Here are a portion of the significant abilities you will master in Sambo that you can apply in road battling:

  • Strong Judo tosses and ranges
  • Wrestling takedowns
  • Different stifles and joint locks

Having solid catching abilities and knowing how to bring an individual down gives you a major benefit in road battling. Bringing the assailant down gives you space to either take off or get a prevailing situation from which you can apply entries. Battle Sambo preparing likewise shows you how to utilize punches, kicks, elbows and knees to cause harm. This structure even incorporates “messy” strategies like crotch strikes one can use for self-protection. Very few other battling frameworks will show you how to utilize or safeguard against unlawful strategies.

In MMA, there have been numerous extraordinary contenders who had areas of strength for an in Sambo. Also, some of them we recorded underneath were even UFC champions and truly outstanding throughout the entire existence of the game.



Fedor is the previous Pride FC champion whom individuals frequently see as the best heavyweight contender throughout the entire existence of the game. Despite the fact that this stays open for a discussion, nobody can deny Fedor was the most prevailing one. He is, maybe, an ideal illustration of how valuable Sambo is for MMA.

Prior to moving to MMA, Fedor was a gifted Sambo warrior. He even contended in Sambo competitions while battling in expert MMA matches simultaneously. Here are a portion of his eminent Sambo accomplishments:

  • Four time World Champion
  • Once European Champion
  • Six time Russian Champion



Khabib is one of the best UFC champions who has a truly impressive foundation in Sambo. He is a catching wizard who involves a ton of Sambo methods while battling in MMA. Seeing his style, you can see he is an expert in secure control. He additionally truly adept at utilizing excursions, tosses, and his ground and pound are simply incredible. These are strategies he mastered preparing Sambo as a kid. Khabib experienced childhood in the unpleasant setting of Dagestan. He spent his life as a youngster preparing Judo and Sambo under the oversight of his principal mentor and father, Abdulmanap. He likewise partook in numerous novice contests and was a Sambo World Champion on two events (2009; 2010).

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