Toyota Sienna III (2016) Photo & Video


For the first time minivan Toyota Sienna of the third generation was released in 2009 at the car show in Los Angeles. In summer 2014 the vehicle has experienced a small “rejuvenation process” through which has received modified exterior and interior, as well as enlarged equipment list. In 2016 the Japanese have once again upgraded their “brainchild”, but this time improved the six-cylinder engine and combined with 8-speed automatic transmission instead of the 6-band.

Outside, the new Toyota Sienna is an impressive and very stout car, although it is inherent in a kind of elegance: stylish lighting fixtures, “puffy” bumper, large glazed areas and relevant embossing pattern over the car body.


The novelty is 5085 mm long, 1750 mm high and 1986 mm wide. The wheelbase of the monocab accounts to 3030 mm and its ground clearance varies from 165 to 170 mm depending on modification. The “hiking” weight of the machine ranges from 1939 to 2082 kg.

The interior of Toyota Sienna of the third generation looks fresh and attractive – solid multi-steering wheel, intuitive “tools” and a monumental center console with a block of information and entertainment complex and originally arranged climatic “remote control”. Inside the minivan is executed in decent quality materials and the assembly is at a decent level.

The salon of the novelty might have seven or eight seats – depending on the layout of the middle row: it is equipped with two “captain’s” chairs or a solid sofa. The front row is equipped with comfortable seats and the back row – with a triple “gallery”, which is more suitable for small passengers.


Even with a full load of passengers the trunk is huge – 1105 liters. If you fold the third-row seats the luggage compartment increases to 2465 liters, and if you take away the middle row from the passenger’s compartment – loading space will extend up to 4250 liters!

3rd generation Toyota Sienna XL30 is offered with 2 petrol units, which are joined with 6- or 8-band automatic transmission and a standard drive on the front axle wheels. Depending on modification, in a combined cycle of movement “Sienna” of the third generation consumes from 11.2 to 13.1 liters of fuel “per hundred”.


In the United States Toyota Sienna of the 3rd generation is realized in 5 complete sets: L, LE, SE, XLE and Limited at the price of 29,750 dollars. By default the car is equipped with eight airbags, three-zone air conditioning system, audio system with four speakers, ABS, EBD, ESP, VSC, keyless access to the cabin, multimedia complex, power steering, “cruise”, etc.

For a surcharge, you can order 19-inch wheels, a more advanced infotainment system, leather interior trimming, premium “music” and lots of other modern “chips”.


There are photos of the interior and exterior of the car Toyota Sienna III (2016) category TOYOTA posted on the site. All photos of the car Toyota Sienna III (2016) can be downloaded for free on the PC.

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