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Toyota Corolla – is one of the oldest cars in its class. The first generation was released by the Japanese back in 1966, and the previous jubilee tenth generation was first presented in 2006. In June 2016 the general public first saw an updated version of the sedan – modernization has affected the exterior and interior, as well as a list of suggested options, but bypassed the power palette.

Externally the updated Toyota Corolla of the 2017 model year is executed in accordance with the new design principle «Under Priority» – the vehicle is enough sporty, fresh and aggressive.


As for the dimensions, “Corolla” of the eleventh generation fits into the concept of “golf” family – from nose to tail the novelty stretches to 4620 mm, while its width and height do not exceed 1775 mm and 1465 mm respectively. The length of the sedan wheelbase is 2700 mm, and the ground clearance equals 150 mm.

Even before the restyling Interior of Toyota Corolla has demonstrated attractive, modern, and even moderately presentable appearance, boasting with quality furniture and finishing materials: sturdy plastic, nice upholstery fabric and the relevant glossy “metal” décor.


The front seats of “Corolla” of the eleventh generation have ergonomic profile with good sides and developed wide adjustment ranges. The second row is presented with conveniently molded sofa with optimum position of the back, almost flat floor and a lot of free space.

The luggage compartment of the Japanese sedan equals 452 liters. The back of the “gallery” is transformed in a ratio of 60:40, and in the niche under the raised floor “hides” a full spare wheel with a molded disk.

Toyota Corolla of the 11th generation is offered with three petrol four-cylinder engines but only two transmission options: a 6-speed “mechanics” and a stepless Multidrive S variator with seven “conventional” stages.


The Japanese sedan hardly can be called “dynamical” – even with the most powerful engine, it accelerates to the maximum of 195 km / h and reaches the first “hundred” in 10.2 seconds. The “basic” engine unit allows the car to accelerate to 100 km / h in 12.6 seconds, providing peak capacity at the level of 180 km / h. Depending on modification, Corolla consumes from 5.6 to 6.6 liters of fuel in a combined mode.

The Eleventh Toyota Corolla is built on the modernized platform of its predecessor with extensive use of high-strength steel in the body structure and transversely mounted power unit. Schematically, the suspension is typical for C-Class – MacPherson type architecture in the front and a semi-independent rear beam; steering rack complex with electric steering.

The car “flaunts” with disc brakes (ventilated in the front), working in conjunction with the latest electronics (ABS, EBD, and other technologies).


There are photos of the interior and exterior of the car Toyota Corolla (2016-2017) category TOYOTA posted on the site. All photos of the car Toyota Corolla (2016-2017) can be downloaded for free on the PC.

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