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Empowering brands since 2007

In 2007, a professional photographer along with a designer founded a regular photo agency. To date, so normal. But Wladimir Alexi and Jens Muller didn’t wish to provide market a static selection that just supplies creatives with images.

Rather, the goal ended up being to offer professional users from around the globe carefully selected material that fits probably the most demanding standards of quality and utilizes the most recent technologies. Our philosophy is identical today because it ended up being: “Behind Your Product” – we stock impressive backgrounds which make products shine.

“Brands are specifically strong once they make use of the latest

technologies in advertising production and presentations.”

Jens Muller – the “M” in MAGROUND.

“Technical excellence in implementation – this is actually the aspiration we’ve for the clients.

Today and later on.”

Wladimir Alexi – the “A” in MAGROUND.

CGI, composites, postproduction, and 360° encounters: All of this has lengthy been standard in visual communication. But commercial photography is definitely redefining itself. And aims to be a measure in front of these developments. Technologically. Aesthetically. And try to having a strong focus on personal project support.


Over 400 photography lovers now produce solely for MAGROUND. Customers from an array of different industries are personally based on our offices in Hamburg, La, and Beijing and our Partners in Korea and Japan.

We’re the world’s leading stock photo agency for photos for landscapes, cityscapes, and roads, 360°, HDR Domes, and Virtual Reality environments. Empowering brands.

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