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American model pickup Dodge RAM 1500 is the youngest in a line of pickup trucks Dodge. But the fact that the model is the youngest does not mean that the car has a small size. In fact, it is really huge. Its large size is most likely connected with the fact that Americans love big and heavy pickups. At the sight of such a car on the streets, its driver immediately gets into the spotlight. Dodge RAM 1500 is one the best pickups 2014 and is ideal for those people who like an active holiday or want to emphasize their status in the society.

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Car design, like in all the dodge pickup trucks, is truly magnificent. It is made in the company’s American style and is highly appreciated by men all over the world. The car itself is equipped with a wide wheel arches, massive front end and incredibly voluminous body.

It is worth noting that in addition to the aesthetic appearance of the car it is also a very practical in everyday life. It may well be used for everyday rides around the city as well as for long-distance journeys. The dodge pickup up can carry to 700 kg of cargo.
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There are available 3 main types of engine.

Unfortunately, there is no version of the car with a diesel engine (dodge pickup diesel) which is likely would have enjoyed a great popularity. The weakest engine is gasoline V-shaped six volume of 3.6 l. which produces 302 horse powers. Fuel consumption is also fairly high.

Dodge pickups mean a style of absolute freedom and active life position. This model means lack of limits for tuning and improvements. Another advantage of the technical characteristics of the Dodge pickup is a new transmission. 8-speed automatic transmission has become the reason why manufacturers have already announced that the new Dodge would have opportunities similar to powerful version equipped with a 5.7 liter engine.
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There are also additional new features of Dodge pickup 2014 like system “start-stop” and electric power steering. Radiator has got active shutters that are closing at low loads, reduce aerodynamic drag. It allows the engine warm up faster in the winter. What about interior, there’s a new 3.5-inch screen, as well as the instrument panel and a new multimedia system. The architecture salon as a whole has remained the same, but now there are newer, better finishes, changed the design scale devices, air vents and central dashboard section, and the engine now, in the spirit of fashion, is started with a button.

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There have been used more aluminum parts in the body which reduced the total weight of the truck.

These changes also apply to engines.

Total pickup lost 30 kilos. In addition to the basic version of the engine is equipped with a pickup and a traditional eight-cylinder version of the engine. 5.7 liter engine became a little more economical and more powerful 5 horsepower. Now its limit is 395 forces. A weaker version of this modification is equipped with an 8-speed transmission TorqueFlite. In general, Dodge pickups have now excellent indicators of aerodynamic drag, which has fallen to the level of 0.363.

There are photos of the interior and exterior of the car Dodge pickup category DODGE posted on the site. All photos of the car Dodge pickup can be downloaded for free on the PC.

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