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Citroen 15-6 is assembled in the best traditions of the Group and boasts about a comfortable, convenient and roomy interior, as well as a low fuel consumption. It is a known fact that the company Citroen cares about the environment and pays much attention to the issue of gasoline used and works on the methods to decrease the use of gasoline substitute it with electricity to avoid pollution.

Creative Technologie – that is the slogan of the company Citroen, and it is seen in every new model that comes off the assembly line of the French automotive innovators. One of the chips of their cars are modern swiveling headlights that help drivers navigate on winding routes. If said in a nutshell, the Citroen means safety, reliability and practicality.
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Citroen 15-6 is perfect for a quiet measured life: commuting, business, buying food, driving out of town for the weekend, etc. You will feel the acoustic comfort and cannot help but pay attention to the excellent noise isolation.

Structural elements of the tire absorb bumps in the road, making the ride smoother and more comfortable. Citroen 15-6is a choice of the person who does not strive for high speeds and fancy bells and whistles . He appreciates the simplicity and practicality that is perfectly embodied in the model.

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