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The third generation of the BMW 7 – series E38 was introduced in June 1994. The success of the model was supported by the fact that it was able to win Mercedes W140 in terms of sales. Still executive BMW is a luxury that cannot be allowed by anyone.

Interior and exterior BMW 728i (E38)

BMW 728i (E38) photo - 1

The exterior of BMW 728i possesses a remarkable feature – this is the second car brand, after 3-series E36, with glass lenses. There is only just one type of body offered a sedan.  The sedan can be a standard wheelbase and the extended one to 100mm. the design of BMW 728i has become the prototype for BMW E39. Look at the photos to confer.  In 1998 was modernized, and the updated model could be recognized by the rounded headlamps at the bottom. Photos prove it.

BMW 728i (E38) photo - 2

What about the interior of BMW 728i it is equipped with a foot parking but not handbrake, the seats possess lots of electrical regulations and even headrest is adjustable by the servo. Steering wheel rim heating is optional. The car can be equipped with ten airbags.

BMW 728i (E38) photo - 3
BMW 728i (E38) photo - 4

The luggage compartment has a volume of 500 liters, which is sufficient for a family car (now E38 is often used for this role). There is the battery in the luggage compartment. The “boosting” the tailgate indicates the premium of the vehicle.

BMW 728i (E38) photo - 5
BMW 728i (E38) photo - 6
BMW 728i (E38) photo - 7
BMW 728i (E38) photo - 8
BMW 728i (E38) photo - 9
BMW 728i (E38) photo - 10

Video review BMW 728i (E38)

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